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What My Mum Should Have Told Me About My Skin


Skincare, what a mine field. Some mothers are nurturing, and some aren’t. Mine certainly did not pass on any advice for skincare, even in my teens.

Although I had ok skin, I guess it could be somewhat bonding to sit and chat about creams, cleansers, do masks together, or even the occasional manicure.

What was the craziest thing you did to your skin to chase away the imperfections…?

For me, I used to soak toilet paper in methylated spirits and hold it against my forehead to hopefully soak up and dry out what felt like an explosion of oil and bad times. Yep, you read that correctly… Metho…

Now, there’s so much information out there, and it’s totally NOT confusing!!  

This serum, but not that one…

Scrub with this wonder cloth, or don’t exfoliate at all…

Don’t lie on your tummy at night to avoid wrinkles, and shower yourself in retinol…!

Use vitamin C, E, A and Z but only in a certain combination….

Night creams, day creams, moisture mists, buffing machines, light therapy!  

I mean, I’m all for a good pampering session but very confused and overwhelmed with the unlimited choices. And where do I even start?!?

Although everyone is different, we all feel the effects of aging. At 39 (I say 39 but I self-identify as a 32-year-old!), I’m trying to hold onto my youth, pretend I’m not approaching 40, and keep up with 20-year-old fresh faced babes who have not endured the tough times. I know challenges are ageless but only can one appreciate them when one has experienced them… the sick child, the redundant husband, grey hairs on my OWN head while desperately practicing being grateful for the abundance with which I have been blessed (while hyperventilating cause I’m freaking out) …

 and all the while smiling, because no matter what I’m wearing,

or if my crazy-frizzy hair is more wild then usual…

or I accidentally wore yesterday’s clothes to school drop off again… again…

True beauty and a pretty smile will save the day (I keep telling myself)!!!!

I have been wandering around the skin care jungle stuck between shea butter and transforming peptides trying to sort out my game plan.

I just wish I could tell my 20-year-old self that I better get some kind of skin care regime happening because when I’m 40, I am going to wish I had started earlier…

And my mother being not the nurturing type is no excuse. It was time to get my life together….

What I was doing was not feeling good and it has taken me to this point where I couldn’t find what I was after, so I made it!!

Ideal for sensitive skin? Check!

100% Natural? Check!

Pregnancy-safe (a girl can dream😉)? Check!

No synthetics or nasty ingredients? Checkity-check-check!!

Most of all, does it work? Check-yeah it does!

I know.  I can hear your thoughts while I’m typing. I have my skincare-game down pat. I’ve got all my favourites and nothing you can say will change my mind.

That is great, I’m very happy for you. There’s a lot of really good products out there (we are not the only ones. We’re just the ones with the most attractive packaging and very best ingredients!!) and I hope that you have incredible dewy, soft, wrinkle-free, glowing skin.

Let me just say, the purpose of this a-bit-too-long post is not to sell you the best skincare system available, but to let you know what we can do for you – for free…

Firstly, if you are confused about skincare, what to use and when, we will take you on the journey that we have been on.

We have done the hard work for you and we will let you know what actually matters, what is backed up by research and how can you take control of your day-to-day skincare to get the clearest, healthiest and youngest looking skin that you can, without the hassle and fuss, and without breaking the bank.

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Thanks a bunch,

 Benni & The Vamp'd Skin Team